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Had no idea most of this was physically possible. Wouldn’t want to see him try it in a car park though….

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Speak and Spell

Anyone missing their old Speak and Spell? if so go here.

(Free time + loads of friends) X T-Shirt Factory =

The NOToNOISY crew have also done Pong, Tetris, and Pole Position. I’m not entirely sure what they’re about as the page is in French and, given Google’s admirable sense of humour, I don’t trust the translate button.

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Reckon this is overdue for reformatting. I’m thinking it would be ideal on the Wii, you could two step about the place on the exercise board for the silly yoga thing.


Classical Music

Video Games Live Orchestra performing their Castlevania medley

Their performance of Sega’s Sonic Concerto in C is pretty decent too.

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Do you remember?

Blog-lurking on The Frisky and came across this website called “I’m Remembering“. It’s basically an ode to all things from our childhood, some that we’ll exclaim “I had that!!” and others that you shake your head and say “what the…”

See below for examples of both these scenarios:

And a couple of others that get an honourable mention:

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World Pillow Fight Day 3 April

For all you Londoners  (especially Steen, I thought this would be right up your street, could go let of some steam without killing anybody, for a change)

Get your booties outside St Pauls on the 3rd at 03:03pm and when the whistle blows get your pillows out and beat the living feathers out of each other.

This is some of what happened last year . . .

more info here

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Like dropping acid, but not.

like dropping acid, but not

you think this looks trippy, wait untill its moving – here

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Game on!

top score

This is my top score on curve ball.

Go try beat it.


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