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Today on Park Street…

I cycle to and from work, and something strange happens almost every day, usually in the same spot – Park Street.

Si got tired of me saying “you’ll never believe what happened today on park street?” and suggested I blog about it.


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Stupid stupid stupid people

Stupid stupid stupid people

If this is true then I need to watch Avatar again

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Going on holiday. This was the most ridiculous version of ‘Holiday’ i could find. Dutch guys shouldn’t rap….

Then, in the related items i saw this: yes, he is body popping to the Holiday Rap.


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One Tiny Hand

As the guy who sent this link to me said; this is what photshop was invented for.

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What are friends for?

And on another note, myself and Don Simón are planning an imminent trip to Lahn-dahn.

Brace yourselves!


This one’s for you Si…

Darth Lebowski


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So my cat went missing and I’m still sad about it, but it’s time for me to lighten up.

To wit:



Kids today…

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