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Who’s Flaunt Edwards?














Apparently it’s this guy called JRocc.

In an act of what some would call benevolence and others might call lunacy, he’s made a series of edits of some classic funk + rare groove tracks, and stuck them up on his soundcloud page for free download.

The Blackbyrds, Otis Redding + Andres amongst others get the rework treatment.

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Free Album from MC Tickle – apparently i’m on it

Get MC Tickle’s (and loads of other artists’) latest EP for FREE from the very dope BLACK LANTERN MUSIC free net-label.

We did this one live not long ago and tick wore the whole mcdonalds get-up, had children crying. it was beautiful!

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Free tunes from Dalt Wisney

Dalt Wisney (who’s mind-bendingly awesome track R2FUX is on my March Mix own there) has a FREE net label it turns out….

which reminded me to remind you to check out my sick-dope rap crew’s own Black Lantern Music, which has hundreds of free and also awesome music.

ch ch ch ch check it.

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First of all, I know I post about them a lot but have you seen the new clip from Les Twins? (sorry about the ad at the beginning)

Anyway: Tomorrow I’ll be playing a gig at the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh with MC Tickle McNicholl as part of a benefit gig along with some anarchist punk bands. Something about Coal.

THEN: Next Thursday is Dirty District, non stop body rockin hip hop with some of Edinburgh’s most talented MC’s along side MC’s Tickle & Texture and myself (going by a slightly less wordy pseudonym) manning the Platters that Matter.

Oh yeah you all live in dicking london. you should still come though. megabus it or something.


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There’s this…

More free goodness from Tru Thoughts, One Handed Music, Ninja Tune, Ubiquity etc. Gittit.

And, in the world of WTF, there’s this: isle of tune.

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At the end of this month I’ll be taking part in Sneaky Fest, a 3 venue festival of “alternative indie, folktronica, lo-fi, beats and rock” (the List)

I’m Scr-scr-scratching for MC’s Tickle & Texture (from Chemical Poets) as The Black Lantern Allstars.

Black lantern, for those who dinnae ken, is a free-music website based in Edinburgh, which provides free downloads of some of the area’s dopest musicians and producers. Check Morphamish if you like your dubstep absoulutly filthy, try 5hit-Hop Ninja Terminatorz‘ home made beats and mind-opening lyics…. there’s loads of stuff there. and its all freeeeeee.

So yeah. Sneaky Fest. 27th November. Sneaky Pete’s, Cab Vol, Electric Circus (where we’re playing), Edinburgh.

Be there or be

Strange Games & Funky Things

DJ Spinna’s promo mix for the new Strange Games & Funky Things LP. Perfect Sunday afternoon soundtrackery, basically. The comp itself is well worth picking up, too.


Numbers finally brought the party over to Edinburgh last night, with a jam-packed launch party at Sneaky Pete’s. Jackmaster and Nelson were dropping bombs from the start (Between The Sheets by Isley Brothers was playing when i arrived) and the pace gradually sped up from there until we were rockin the 90’s rave.

Not bad for a freebie. thanks guys!

Holy Sh!t iii

I didn’t realize i hadn’t posted this already:

I downloaded this absoulutely spankin’ load of beats from a guy called Bahwee. I recommend you do the same, cos the beats are free, they sound dope aaannd it’s a great way to stay in shape.

Thanks to JUJ at wedidit for the tip.

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