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Just watch it okay?


Donut Seeds


Now I can plant my own donut tree and get really, really fat.

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Breakfast News

The London Review of Breakfasts (which does basically what you’d expect) has reviewed this place called Urban Angel in Edinburgh. Anybody know the gaff? Is it any good?

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Tasty Town

Ever wandered what the Houses of Parliament would look like if they were made of vegetables?

By a guy called Carl Warner, got no idea what it was for, or how I found it. Go check out the rest of his stuff, I’m a big fan of the black strawberry in the still life section.


You Fat B@$*@!d

Burger King are apparently unleashing this beast on the world. The Pizza Burger is four times the size of a Whopper and contains more than 2,500 calories. I want one. You can read more here.

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DudeCraft does it again…

Swedish food stylist (yeah I didn’t know those existed either) Lisa Lundgren has created a series of photographs of food arranged by colour. The OCD freak inside me loves this idea:

See the rest over on Toxel.

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Unfortunate Brand Names for Food: Part II

I’m going to let these images speak for themselves….

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Has H.R. Gieger gotten married?

This cake is awesome. Fact.

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