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Stupid stupid stupid people

Stupid stupid stupid people

If this is true then I need to watch Avatar again

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This is how we do things in B-Town

That’s right, you don’t mess with the bus drivers. They’ll spark you out!

The worst thing is that this guy only got 17 months. And he’ll get out in half that time.


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And ain’t that the truth?

Baked as a Cake

“…but I didn’t inhale”

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SDF. Fact.


Dave of Dave’s Advents has started his own blog.  It’s a good read. Fact.


four things . . .


Tom, some swedish facts for your October trip . . .

Capital: Stockholm
Language: Swedish
Population: 9 million
Currency: 1 krona=100 öre
Area: 450,000 km² (174,000 sq mi)
Political system: Parliamentary democracy


Ninja tunes should def re-jig the line up to fit this guy on at the car park thingy


An awesome dirt jump bike short with a catchy little tune over the top shot in HD so make it big yeah


on a recent trip to the wonder that is lidl I spotted to my delight that Chocolate Fingers Ass is now only 79p!

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