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Just Two Turntables and an Air Valve

this is the original mixer – two grammophones linked via a muthafrikkin AIR HOSE that acted as a crossfader.

they used it to play tunes along to silent films, then DJ Olde Schoole started getting busy…

Would you dare mix on ceramic decks?

Blog-lurking on Dude Craft yet again and I saw these:

He’s an artist, he’s French, his name is Fabien Clerc. He has created a set of fully-functioning ceramic turntables! Check out his website. Get Tom to translate, as it’s all in French. The name of the piece is “Back In The Good Old Days”.

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Something Steeno would do…

So there’s an article over at The Frisky about “Kevin”.

After 12 years of marriage, Kevin’s wife packed up all her stuff and hit the road, leaving nothing behind except her wedding dress. Rather than using it as a snack supply for moths, Kevin has started a blog dedicated to finding 101 uses for the dress.

So far it’s served as a petrol cap for his car, a gym towel, a cover for his barbecue grill and use number 10 below – dog toy.

Bitter much?

See the rest here.

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