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Wokked and Screwed

heres a tune made with a wok.

Se Fire – In Every

Here’s my mate’s new video
i lit some of the candles!

and here is the also-very-sick remix by Kahn
double badness

new beat

another late night….

dedicated to my long-time lovely lady

submitted for this month’s beat battle at Digital Vertigo, although theres some seriously dope beats to compete with this month

Just been listening to this….. EL-P C4C

EL-P ‘s Cancer for Cure seems like a pretty shit hot album.

Shame Ive already missed out on the instrumental version, which is probably now only gonna show up on discogs for silly money.

Damscray / Original Fools

some dirty ol’ beats

Perfect Practice – Bulletproof

Just thought I’d promote my friend DJ Sonny’s new tune. Perfect Practice are a Hip Hop crew from Edinburgh and have been making sick tunes for a long time now, its good to see them getting the recognition they deserve.



Blue Daisy – 3rd Degree Hip Hop
The Insiders – Cairo
Dub Phizix – Marka
Om Unit & Kromestar – Solar Cycle
D Bridge – Cornered
Two Fingers – Fools Rhythm
Moresounds – Analog Steak
Ital Tek – Babel
Interface & Minus – Hardwork
Eprom – Regis Chillbin
Moresounds – No Coke
Dream Continuum – B Free

digital vertigo scratch battle 6

not my greatest effort but hey…

 join in here


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