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check this out, an awesome ongoing history of hip hop in comic book format….

I spend way too much time on 9gag…..

I just can’t help myself!

Your move Google…

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Re-up: The Wire Monopoly

Unfortunately not available for purchase, but boy would they make a killing (ha!) if it was.

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God’s Mouse

Just sit back and enjoy.

Or visit your street and terrorize your neighbours.


How did I miss this?

A Thundercats remake on Cartoon Network?

Bring it! I can tell Si’s going to fancy Cheetara though….

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continental peoples

something about this video speaks to me, its got a awesome  ’70s continental feel to it. it kinda feels like what i expect from a good non-mainstream video. plus its absolutely bonkers. via tristram.

Of course being poorly educated/ heathen/ arrogant anglosaxon  I don’t understand a damn word they’re singing.

Skratch Bastid

Skratch Bastid is responsible for some serious awesomeness on the wheels of john peel.

You might have seen his sickdope beatjuggle using justin timberland’s tune “bla bla bla i’m a douche” (at least i think that’s what it was called)

now….. check this out

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