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Just Two Turntables and an Air Valve

this is the original mixer – two grammophones linked via a muthafrikkin AIR HOSE that acted as a crossfader.

they used it to play tunes along to silent films, then DJ Olde Schoole started getting busy…

Stupid stupid stupid people

Stupid stupid stupid people

If this is true then I need to watch Avatar again

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One for Steeno

hope you’re feeling better dude!

Insta Marc


Working in an Ad agency with loads of Art Directors + Designers around, you can imagine my surprise/delight when I discovered that Marc our resident IT genius turned out to be a sick photographer.

Wanted to share some of his instagram biznizz here, (i’m digging his kubrick style surreptitious tube photography) but you should really head to his instacanvas page to check out the rest.

You can even order yourself a print there, should you so desire.

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MCA Tribute by AROE

AWWWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! fuck margins lets go this way!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hipster level 9000

Stolen from failblog, but to good not to share.  Also is this not outside the crown?


Had no idea most of this was physically possible. Wouldn’t want to see him try it in a car park though….

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Donuts – Not by Dilla


So I know it’s been a long time since I posted anything whatsoever…

But check this out, and seeing as I was in one of the silly looking tour busses a few months ago being shown round Universal in LA it impresses me even more!

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