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gonna be rotating some vinyl discs on thursday

its in a little part of london called bristol, you guys should check it out!

Chip Shop Awards

I had no idea that this existed but apparently The Chip Shop Awards have been going since 2002. Basically they are histerical, and apparently our own JoWo had something to do with this one! One of my favourites is above but click here to check out a load more of this year’s entries.

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gangster’s grub

Good ol’ publicity stunt

Not sure if anyone saw the original of this… but about a month ago there was a video going around tinterweb where someone had filmied Jehst, working as their postman! Shock horror! Loads a people slated him on youtube for floping as an mc. Wot wot!? he needs to support himself with a real job cos he aint makin nuff cheese from Mcing! what a doouchhbag! and various similar comments.

Anyways after lots of squabbling on tinterweb over the subject, the same youtube account as the first video, posted this one. Checkit.

Check Stig as the fitness instructor! Quality.

New Ad for next week’s gig:

and check dis

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Wu! Wu! Wu!

Wu Tang. Nintendo. Sickdopefresh.

Why I keep getting adverts for donkey porn

This is what Google Ads shows you – based on your cookie’s search history

Mine is full of links to police and law enforcement, which I find amusing.

Anyway, here’s a picture of how awesome I will be this weekend.

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