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post more bills

a response to the post no bills notices in NY – these guys do the below. the main website is here, but there’s a selection of bill murray themed ones here



robuts in tees guyz

this would have been topical  a few months ago but have only just come across it. In short Rocawear did a few tees combining peanuts images with Jay Z quotes a while back. now they’ve mixed it up a bit and have done Transformer images with Jay Z quotes (I’m expecting My Little Pony next – although Thunder Cats would be pretty awesome).

Full list of decent images here, whilst the shop is here.


how to destroy a brand and a band

after the lemmy one – this sucks.

Panda Gathering 2010

this guy Yusuf organised a tricking event. unbeknown to him word spread on the intarwebs and some sick people showed up to do some pretty amazing stuff.

continental peoples

something about this video speaks to me, its got a awesome  ’70s continental feel to it. it kinda feels like what i expect from a good non-mainstream video. plus its absolutely bonkers. via tristram.

Of course being poorly educated/ heathen/ arrogant anglosaxon  I don’t understand a damn word they’re singing.

Long t’ing

its pretty big.

How to get a job

alledgedly a real cv. via brobible

for when you absolutely positively need to work out how much cash you can get in a carrier bag

Not that I’m suggesting that one would ever need to think about stashing a lot of money in a carrier bag and doing a runner.

Its like gold in the movies, where the heroes/ villains are able to lob them around like frisbees – I’m pretty sure carrying a big block of wood (for that is what these are – unlike aussie dollars, which look like  our antipodean friends saw a monopoly set and thought that would make an appropriate currency. i mean come on, who makes money out of plastic?) would destroy the carrier bag though.

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