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Stupid stupid stupid people

Stupid stupid stupid people

If this is true then I need to watch Avatar again

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The Leathersaurus

In a shameless act of self-promotion I thought I’d stick something up about my new blog, The Leathersaurus. For some time now I’ve been maintaining and adding to a google map of the various bars in London I’ve been to, it’s now a blog with sort of reviews and accounts of each bar as I go to them. Most of the London contributors will be mentioned at some point, apart from Tom, who never comes to the pub.

Yay, my alcoholism is now art.



I can’t begin to explain how happy this made me.

Full story here



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I want to be a farmer

I’m off to buy a farm, a hard hat, and some sheep to dynamite, check the rest here


9 mm Mix Up

According to the Evening Standard, South LA’s gangs have given up murder and crack dealing in favour of snacking. Cholos are still partial to the odd drive-by though, so don’t take it for granted

Scrooge McDuck

Turns out that Scrooge McDuck made his fortune with the same old fashioned American approach used by Lehmans, Uncle Bens, and the Pacific Railroad Company.


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