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Super Scratch Sunday 11


so heres what i was doing in rye this weekend while you were all being really cool in london

Wokked and Screwed

heres a tune made with a wok.

Se Fire – In Every

Here’s my mate’s new video
i lit some of the candles!

and here is the also-very-sick remix by Kahn
double badness

new beat

another late night….

dedicated to my long-time lovely lady

submitted for this month’s beat battle at Digital Vertigo, although theres some seriously dope beats to compete with this month

Just Two Turntables and an Air Valve

this is the original mixer – two grammophones linked via a muthafrikkin AIR HOSE that acted as a crossfader.

they used it to play tunes along to silent films, then DJ Olde Schoole started getting busy…

One for Steeno

hope you’re feeling better dude!

Just been listening to this….. EL-P C4C

EL-P ‘s Cancer for Cure seems like a pretty shit hot album.

Shame Ive already missed out on the instrumental version, which is probably now only gonna show up on discogs for silly money.

Damscray / Original Fools

some dirty ol’ beats

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