Who loves Kitty? (UPDATED)



Being impulsive like we are, me and Si went out last night and got ourselves two kittens.

One is black all over and the other is black and white.

We’re having a bit of trouble naming them so help us!

So far we’ve tried:

Eric B and Rakim

Chalky White (for the black one)


Nate and Warren

Whiska Lifa (gettit….GETTIT?)

Kunta Kinte

Starsky and Fluff

Obama and Osama

Marlo and Omar

And that’s as far as we got. It took us weeks to figure out what to call (dearly departed) Kyle and it was actually Emilie who came up with the name in the end.

Suggestions in the comments, thanks guys!

One thought on “Who loves Kitty? (UPDATED)

  1. tom_c says:

    Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince… Sharky and George… Coxsone and Saxon… Hall and Oates… Bonnie and Clyde… Crockett and Tubbs… Prince and The Revolution… Bootsy and Sly… Crosby Stills and Nash, Guru and Preemo… I could go on.

    But you probably shouldn’t listen to me. We had two cats in Martinique, and they were both called Thompson.

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