All City 10×10

I just got the last one of these today. 10 records by 20 different LA based producers, every one super sick dope. Mattress-themed covers by B+.

get em here before they sell out and become expensive ebay items.



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2 thoughts on “All City 10×10

  1. snubbed says:

    i have the exile + free the robots one (fact)
    would say the packaging is prettier than the music (opinion)
    sure that’s not the case on most of the rest, looking at who’s makin em…(conjecture)

  2. biggibboybeatmasterb says:

    The only one i found less dope than the rest was the GB one, but thats only cos its less beat oriented than the others.

    the computer jay one is sick, check his tune Phantom

    I was totally expecting a Flying Lotus or GLK side though…..

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