Daily Photo Challenge (Friday-Tuesday)

I’m back from the village!

Here are the photos from last Friday until today (in that order):

Mum spotted this one on our way into town. Coca-Cola have branded an entire building.

This is one of my granny’s neighbours, we bumped into her in the yard, just as she came to pick up her goats.

This is a traditional Luo musical instrument. It’s called “nyatiti” and you can hear it in the background of the music by Owiny Sigoma that Tom posted the other day. This particular one belongs to my granny.

Took a picture of the only plane at the “airport” in Kisumu just before we left yesterday morning. Kisumu airport is a glorified shack attached to an airstrip. Still, it’s faster than driving, especially since there’s practically no road!

And last but not least, I took this picture today. It’s the bumper sticker on my Dad’s car. Once a stoner, always a stoner.

And that’s it for the time being.

Can’t believe I’ve only got four days left before I’m back in sunny Edinburgh….

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge (Friday-Tuesday)

  1. samueljl says:

    These photos are ace auds. Fact.

  2. Audwina says:

    That’s a high compliment coming from an actual photographer – thanks Sam.
    I have more, so you’ll have to come over for a slideshow when I get back x

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