Hidden Orchestra and Bonobo

Me and the wife went to see these guys last night with Rosie and Paulo and a good few hundred other people.  It was totally mind blowing. The hairs are still standing up on the back of my neck. Fact.  The place was jumping, and Hidden Orchestra playing on their home turf could easily have held their own for the entire night.  It was however a real treat to have Mr. Simon Green aka Bonobo and his full ensemble rock the house until the multi-track encore.

We decided to invest in the Hidden Orchestras super dooper limited edition vinyl LP (Anna really wanted it and I couldn’t really stop her), Plus we splashed out on Bonobo‘ latest album Black Sands, which I have been listening to all morning. Both albums are awesome as you might expect but I want to draw your attention to track 2 of Bonobos album, Kiara. Nuff said.

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One thought on “Hidden Orchestra and Bonobo

  1. Jackis says:

    Sam owa lad! Me and Leela went to see Bonobo on saturday night in the sage in the very toon. It was awesome. Fakt!

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