Christians tickle me (or why I was oh so ironic and put down Jedi Knight on the Census)

I like Christians. Like Americans, Muslims and pretty much every other group of people out there, we tend to forget that the majority of them are normal well adjusted people and just focus on the crazies.

My recent personal experiences with Christians have surrounded evolution. In short the people I live with don’t believe in it and found it insulting to be likened to apes (they’re black, so I could see how some racial stuff could get mixed up in there) and thought I was  mad to think I came from apes. Short of kidnapping a monkey and shaving it (which I’m not sure that PETA would approve of) to prove it was white underneath (can anyone confirm monkeys/ apes have white skin?) I didn’t have much comeback to that – without massively complicating stuff between myself and the rest of the house (I do control the boiler tho, so I have the power to withdraw heat) .

Things then took a turn for the worse when we got onto dinosaurs…  they’re not convinced dinosaurs existed… which caused me no end of distress (DON’T TELL ME DINOSAURS DIDN’T EXIST).

I left the room at this point, resolving never to discuss religion with them again (instead I come in at 6 in the morning and do politics – with other interesting outcomes)

This caused me to do some investigation on t’internets surrounding Christians and funnily enough, they are different perspectives from the Christian community.

Now you have those who think dinosaurs never existed and are a test of faith from God and those who think that God created dinosaurs – who lived at the same time as man – but although they were big and scary, man was still better then them.

I couldn’t honestly care anymore – because it led me to this picture from a Christian colouring book

Jesus on a dinosaur

Jesus on a dinosaur

Anyway – these days whilst they’re not telling us that dinosaurs did/ didn’t exist they’re busy poledancing for Jesus or telling us that hating gays doesn’t make them a hate group.


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