20 10″s from 2010

Well, we just made it all the way round the Sun once again, and to celebrate I put together this little mix. Every tune was released and bought in 2010 and they are all 10″ vinyl records. 20 10″s from 2010.

The last tune I ordered arrived on the 31st of December (how lucky is that?!) and I recorded the mix on 01/01/11.



1:  Intro – Vakula (Firecracker)
2:  Spacely Sprocketts – Mr Dibia$e (All City)
3:  I Can’t Breathe – eLan (50 Weapons)
4:  Carpool Dummy – Gaslamp Killer w/ Mophono (Gaslamp Killer Music)
5:  Breakfast Blunts – Ras G (All City)
6:  Babylon Child – Mike Gao (All City)
7:  Newports – HouseShoes (All City)
8:  Rare Type – Computer Jay (All City)
9:  Personal Creation – GB (All City)
10: Strange Days – Daedelus (All City)
11:  Ur A Sta [D- Bridge Remix] – Black Pocket (Fat City)
12: The Hologram – Mark Pritchard (Ho Hum, Warp)
13: Saturn Race – 1000 Names (Team Acre)
14: Sunrise Luminescence – matthewdavid (All City)
15: If I – Fantastic Mr Fox (Black Acre)
16: Reservoir – Synkro (Box Clever)
17: Tekdub [feat IllGates] – Mutt (Tube 10)
18: Bricka-Brac – Fantastic Mr Fox (Black Acre)
19: Signal – TMSV (Box Clever)
20: Electric Church – Cymatic (Box Clever)

Scratch Sounds: Grasshopper Pocket 10″- DJ Hertz (Scratch Science)

One thought on “20 10″s from 2010

  1. T-C says:

    Oh HELL yeah!

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