Day Off!!

Today I had a day off, and so did Sam.

Sam came round to mine for a cup of tea, and noticed that Earl Grey was actually a Canadian.


Here are The Top Ten Facts About Canadians, sourced from You can read them in a Canadian accent and pretend Earl Grey is speaking. hours of fun.

  1. They live in igloos.  We live in houses, and they are very well built houses.
  2. Canadians do not have the same technology as Americans. Canadians have access to the
    same technology as Americans and the rest of the civilized world.
  3. There is snow everywhere all year long.  Anyone who has spent a summer in Vancouver,
    Toronto, or Montreal will strongly disagree with this.
  4. They don’t get the same movies Americans do.  We get the same movies, on the same day,
    and our censorship is less severe.  Furthermore, the Paramount theater in Montreal is
    the most attended and most lucrative movie theater in North-America.
  5. Canada does not have a film industry. We have a thriving film industry, and many of the
    syndicated US TV shows, not to mention major studio motion pictures are filmed here.  Canada is
    renowned to have some of the best production crews in the world.
  6. Canadians all say “eh” and “aboot”.  Sure, some of us do, but Canada is a big country with
    many different people who speak many different languages with different dialects.
  7. Everyone in Quebec speaks French.  Although a large percentage of the Province’s
    population is Francophone, there is also a large number of Anglophones and Allophones.

  8. Canadians have fewer guns than Americans.  Canadians have just as many, if not more; we just
    have fewer murders. If you want stats and figures, see Michael Moore’s excellent documentary, Bowling for Columbine.

  9. Canada’s national sport is Hockey.  Not completely true. While Hockey is very popular, and considered
    our national pastime, our national sport is Lacrosse.  Oh, and we invented Baseball too.

    In 1994, the Federal Government introduced Bill C-212 that officially made Hockey Canada’s National Winter Sport and Lacrosse Canada’s National Summer Sport. Thanks Rolly!  So the answer is both!

  10. Canadians policemen are all Mounties dressed in red uniforms.  Our cops are the same
    as American cops.  The Mounties usually only dress up in red for for special occasions.


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