being a dickhead’s cool


4 thoughts on “being a dickhead’s cool

  1. biggibboybeatmasterb says:

    yeah people think that’s cool cos it looks like it’s rude, they just don’t realize that it’s cool cos it LOOKS like it’s cool cos it’s rude….

  2. That’s a terrifyingly accurate depiction of pretty much everyone I’ve met in media

  3. Audwina says:

    Hey !! I work in media and NONE of us (in my office anyway) are like that. I think the dickheadedness is confined to central and greater London.
    Still, all so true x

  4. You lie. Last time I was in Edinburgh you were blubing through your non-prescription glasses at ‘the beauty’ of a fixed gear bike made by armless victims of ‘some conflict somewhere or whatever, yeah?’

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