Ahead of the Pope’s outrageously expensive, pointless, disruptive and annoying visit to to Edinburgh next week, i have been wondering how to greet the boring old bastard when he trundles through the city, waving to his ignorant herd.

One of my biggest problems with the hypocritical, lying piece turd is his stance on contraception as a defence from the hugely profitable AIDS pandemic.

I considered flinging condoms at his douche-mobile, but i figured i would probably be shot at by some secret service people, after all, the condoms could have AIDS on them, or acid, or jizm.

So i thought something like this on a poster might be fun:

You know this guy still thinks abstinence is the only failsafe way to combat AIDS? try telling that to a 12-year old rape victim you fucking retard.

Christianity is SO 1996.


2 thoughts on “Pope-Proof

  1. Si that’s so narrow minded and ignorant. Not all 12 year olds who get raped gets AIDS.

  2. digi says:

    This guy has some interesting things to say on the subject. It’s a bit more long-winded than your picture, but I think the point is the same. plus there’s science so it makesz u feel clever:

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