Was gonna be greedy and sleep on this but…

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Edinburgh doesn’t really produce good music (before the torrent of abuse flies in about the burgeoning hip-hop scene, sorry, there’s something simply insurmountably shit about rapping in a Scottish accent, get over it), off the top of my head Finlay Quaye’s about the only one I can recall. But, while the music media turned it’s eyes to a bunch of stroppy, angry, shouty Glaswegian kids stropping about in jeans two sizes too small, and ironic neon shoe laces, the burg cranked out the Joe Acheson quartet on the sly. As everyone already knows, they’re on Tru Thoughts as the Hidden Orchestra, go here to get a mixtape they’ve released to promote their first release Footsteps.

Bounce on over to Potholesonmyblog for a pretty decent mixtape by Natural Self

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3 thoughts on “Was gonna be greedy and sleep on this but…

  1. OK, it would seem I overlooked The Beta Band and Boards of Canada.

  2. biggibboybeatmasterb says:

    ‘Edinburgh doesn’t really produce good music’

    go here….

    …and shut yo face.

    damn, i’m not even NORTHERN, why do i care?

  3. biggibboybeatmasterb says:

    and here

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