Shiny thing breaks

Found this on the BBC news site between two other interesting ‘news’ stories about how to move a bee hive, and a hairdresser’s poster – and they wonder why I refuse to pay for a license. Technical problems can happen to anyone, but there’s something immensely satisfying about watching the San Franciscan Jesus fail to feed the five thousand followers reliable mobile browsing. It’s not cos I’ve got anything against the guy, upon the purchase of my macbook I too became a smug iTwat, casually watching pc users struggle as my fingers lost their sinewy definition only attainable from a hundred alt-ctrl-del reps a day. What I really don’t get, and hopefully someone can help me out here, is how a computer/walkman manufacturer has achieved god like status, why do thousands of people turn out to cheer a man on a stage with a mobile phone, however brilliant it might be.

(Having said that, I joined 17000 people to watch this product being unveiled, and it didn’t work once).

Think about it, at the moment he just sells us shiny things, what happens when he decides to harness his power and lead his cult against the rest of the world? Before you laugh, the British Armed Forces runs on windows – I’m not being flippant suggesting this might be a problem, check out the ‘sometimes I just turn it off and on’ Royal Navy ad, or check out 4OD (for the next 22 days) and watch them alt-ctrl-del the entire battleship (our latest, bestest, shiniest one, of course) in the middle of an exercise. I reckon, given his cult following, he could take over the world with nothing more than a couple of apps and a descent virus email.

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