Rhianna? Seriously?

For fu©ks sake tom. Rhianna?

You post videos like that again and you’ll wish you ‘addn’t.

Here’s a good music video for you. From the  days when the music video was simple, pure, and honest. the days before hype williams set the mould and then everyone based their video on that shot with the circle of lights reflected in their glasses.

Links into the OK GO ones as it’s all one take.

and for anyone who wants it, heres the whole thing again from just MixMaster Mike’s camera angle. Sickdope.

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2 thoughts on “Rhianna? Seriously?

  1. tommydigital says:

    your good music video doesn’t even work, mofo.

  2. biggibboybeatmasterb says:

    oh yeah? well…er…. YOUR music video doesn’t work.

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