Where’s Drew?

So, I’ve been on holiday for a week, and naturally the first thing I did when I got back was to catch up with all events LWAPD based. I caught up fast, and now I feel like I can venture out in to the world wide web, armed with the latest, freshest and yes, dopest developments in internet based audio-visual entertainment.

But something was conspicuously absent. It was as if someone had simultaneously ripped the heart out of Lemonade, and cured it of a most grievous cancer.

What has happened to the inimitable Drew Steenburg? Where are the rants, the posts that dispense with the politically correct, the images that say boo to common sense’s goose, the things that make you go Hmmmm?

Well, I thought some crass, topical humour might just tempt him back.

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One thought on “Where’s Drew?

  1. Drew Steenburg has been in technological isolation as we don’t have internet in our flat yet (John is kindly letting me camp out at his today, hence my presence). What little time I’ve managed to wangle out of the hilariously busy and slow web cafes of Brixton has sadly been spent trying to find work. It is sadly unlikely that I will be posting anytime soon, unless I take a brief break today, in which case I might see what I can rustle up.

    How was the holiday.

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