Back to Basics

Llama in a party hat. Fact.

Two reasons: one, it’s Monday morning, and who doesn’t need a Llama in a party hat on a Monday morning? Two, there’s a nasty rumour going around that Guru from Gang Starr (the man who uttered the immortal words, lest we forget) is in a coma after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Definitely hoping this is just a internets rumour – there was a virus on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that made people post “RIP Bill Cosby”, for reasons passing understanding – and wishing Keith Elam a speedy recovery if it isn’t.

With that in mind, I thought it was time to take it back to basic principles. An animal in a ludicrous hat, and a great fucking record. Because Guru’s the man.

Gang Starr – I’m The Man

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