Tough Paper Round

People point and laugh at what’s happened to the Hoff. We sit and judge Don Johnson as if he was a failing child of our own. But what about the other long forgotten heroes of 80s Saturday afternoon television? What of Jan-Michael Vincent who played Stringfellow Hawkes, the millionaire cellist, art collector, reluctant attack helicopter thief/test pilot? Well, no longer is he at the behest of a fantastically rich pirate, flying black-op missions against african dictators, drug syndicates and communists who (much like the A-Team’s foes) have chosen to invade the desert areas of California. Sadly it would seem to have taken a turn for the worse, I guess it’s true, never meet your heroes, or google them.

The old guy who used to sit in the back randomly pushing buttons, he seems to have coped much better, something he attributes to…

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