What The Fuck is a “Jay Electronica”?

So this is a bit of a treat. For those that don’t know, Jay Electronica is a New Orleans rapper who makes the kind of hip hop that went seriously out of fashion some time around the early 2000’s. In other words, it’s got loads of boom, plenty of bap, and it doesn’t revolve entirely around iced-out chains/pushing fly whips/getting mad paper.

There’s a load of hype around him despite the fact (or maybe because of the fact) that he’s not really released any actual records yet. Also possibly because he’s just fathered a child by Erykah Badu, which usually seems to be the mark of a top-class musical talent.

Anyway long story short this mixtape collects up a load of his best work to date, including that new Reflection Eternal record with Mos Def, Victory is in My Clutches (produced by Madlib) and the phenomenal Exhibit C. Yallz can download it here for a limited time.

And just in case you need a bit of extra convincing, here’s Jay rapping over the Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind theme, no drums, for like nine minutes. Sick.

Jay Electronica – The Pledge

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3 thoughts on “What The Fuck is a “Jay Electronica”?

  1. snubbed says:

    They don’t make ’em like they used to.
    This is seriously good. The sampling’s awesome, specially the track that takes that lil snippet of Sexual Healing.
    thanks for the link mr Digital.

  2. biggibboybeatmasterb says:

    so phat you can’t beat that with a muthafrickin bat

  3. Jack says:

    Track 3 is the illist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hot shit. Nice one breadbin.

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