A public warning…..

I feel it is my duty as a good citizen to make you all aware of a new threat in our midst. What makes this creature so dangerous is that they don’t appear to be what they really are, until it’s too late.

It’s too late for me to save myself but you all can – read the description and study the picture below very carefully, so that you’ll know one when you see one.

Bridezilla : a term used to describe a difficult, unpleasant bride who leaves aggravated family and friends in her wake. Obsessed that her wedding must be the perfect day,she will disregard the feelings of family, bridesmaids and even the groom in her quest for perfection.

And if you’re lucky, the mother of the bride will email you to express what a shit job she thinks you’ve done in organizing the hen night (despite the bride insisting on changing everything that was planned two weeks before the event), and insist that you provide a selection of feather boas and penis straws to make the night worthwhile…..

You’ve been warned.


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