Merry Schaeffenhaus

In a dark dark company, in a dark dark office, in a dark dark head, lives the mind of Iain Laurie.

Most of the people I work with are there (I’m assuming) because no-one else will take them, and are basing their career round this. They all seem quite happy. However, some of them dream of a life beyond the repetitive mundane existence of office life – mundane’s probably not the correct choice of words, but I’ve yet to find one that can effectively summarise ‘a never ending, shitifyingly boring procession of inbred fucktards, sycophantic conniving daisy chained arse lickers and gleefully moronic and willful incompetents, on a runaway corporate train driven by headless chickens, careering towards incompetenceville, every fucking day, until you die”.

For reasons best known to himself Iain got on the train and, like the few other passengers who long for something better, has spent the entire ride with his head out the carriage, praying for an exceptionally narrow tunnel. On the plus side, when backed into a corner of banality, he lashes out with the kind of work that only a highly creative, tormented and bored mind can produce.

Click the image above to check out his festive seasonal offerings and, while you’re there, have a gander at the rest of it.

Shrigley, your time is up.

Awesome. Fact.

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