Not by someone else

Thomas pointed out that we have’nt posted much of our own sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiit on this here weblog.

So while we all sit around waiting for Jack to post some of his sickdope (new word, ©2009) beats, I’ll post some of the stuff wot i have made on my new sampler, the Roland SP-404, which looks like this:

I signed up to a forum for people with the same type of sampler as me and theres tons of battles to get involved with. someone posts a sample, everyone participating has to make a tune using just their sampler and that sample.

so i have entered 2 battles so far, and it’s pretty good fun, the forum has a nice atmosphere, and it’s a great way to stay in shape.

heres one made for a battle where the samples were orchestral music from the watership down soundtrack, and drums from ike and tina’s “whole lotta love”


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