Happy Birthday

Pumps hold a special place in my heart. It wasn’t until 1992/3 that Air Jordans became a playground necessity. Before then, if you wanted to climb the playground hierarchy, a pair of Pumps would fast track you right to the top. Pumps were present at some of the most important stages of my pre-Air Jordan childhood. They were there for the good, lke the time I got some Reebok Pumps, and the bad, like the time Richard Oliver pumped mine up too much.

This year it’s their 20th birthday and, while you can’t get the pair with the candles, they have some awesome colaborations with a bunch of exclusively chosen stores being asked to help put their own unique spin on the worlds first interactive sneakers. My favourite so far are UK retailer Size‘s different coloured pair.

For more of the festivities, go here.

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