Hotel des Arts

It’s not a good sign when I’ve only been in the office fifteen minutes and I’m already trawling the web for places I’d rather be. That’s not to say it isn’t useful, at least I know where I’m staying next time I make it out to San Francisco.

Hotel rooms are usually all the same. Sure, they have different quality furnishings, different sizes of bathrooms, a flat screen TV or a little portable, other than that it’s an off white box with a bed in it, hopefully a window.  Generally, when you stagger in at three in the morning, the only difference between establishments at either end of the price scale is whether or not you have to wait for a man to let you in, or a man has to wait for you to turn up, and then let you in.

The Hotel Des Arts on Bath Street (located just north of the heart of Googleland) happily bucks this trend. Instead of painting with fifteen shades of cream, their rooms have been completely decorated by commissioned artists, and the results are amazing. Not only is it situated a 5 minute walk from the bar with the best view in the whole city, as you can see below, they’ve even managed to cater for John.

This hotel is awesome. Fact.

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One thought on “Hotel des Arts

  1. johnpilsbury says:

    That’s where that Dave Kinsey room is!!!

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