Grey Album Two

Back in 2004 Dangermouse cut up the Beatles White Album with a cappellas  from Jay-Z‘s Black album to make the Grey Album (get it here, if you’ve not heard it – or nicked my copy). New York DJ Max Tannone‘s taken the concept and created Jaydiohead, which I’m sure you can work out from the picture above. Who knows, there may still be life in the old mash up yet.

I’d love to say it’s amazing, but I’ve just found it and I’m at work, so I’ve not listened to it yet. Those of you with the common sense to bring headphones to work can listen to it here (it’s also available for download), or buy it on shiny plastic circles here.

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2 thoughts on “Grey Album Two

  1. biggibboybeatmasterb says:

    Sold !!
    How did it not occur to you to mention this last night ?

  2. tommydigital says:

    yes yes – Reckoner’s Encore is awesome.

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