Gone In… about two weeks


Throughout the month of August, Edinburgh’s Under The Stairs is hosting an exhibition of Polaroids by our very own Sam Luntley. It’s a great little bar, just off the Grassmarket, and needless to say the photos themselves are average at best top drawer. If I were you, I’d go and have a butchers.



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4 thoughts on “Gone In… about two weeks

  1. localdrivinglessons says:

    nice photos , what it the name of this tree ? i have never seen that before .

  2. samueljl says:


  3. tommydigital says:

    The tree’s called Eric.

    Only jokin, sorry. I’ve got no idea. Sam?

  4. samueljl says:

    Its called a Gauze Bush and this is when it is in flower. Fact.

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